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Virginia Tech Duo Mobile Qr Code. Click continue once you complete either activation option. My accounts my money my profile.

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If your phone does not have a camera or you are unable to scan the barcode, continue to the next step. Users can generate bypass codes that will allow you to authenticate with duo if you do not have your phone or authentication device available. On your old device, open duo mobile and tap the menu button in the upper right.

Open Duo Mobile On Your Old Phone, And Tap The Menu Icon In The Top Right To Open Settings.

Touch the “key” symbol and receive a code generated by the app within your smart device. If you enroll in duo from an android or ios device, instead. Type in the code and you are logged in.

These Codes Should Be Kept In A Safe Location.

Next you will activate duo mobile for your phone. Additionally you should print a set of codes to keep in their wallet. The duo mobile app also works without connectivity (or at your choice).

Click Or, Have An Activation Link Emailed To You Instead.

If this is the first account you're adding to duo mobile, step through the introduction screens and then tap use a qr code to scan the barcode. You can purchase a duo display token at any wvu barnes & noble bookstore. Tap either add account or the plus sign icon at the top.

Locate The Connect A New Phone Settings Item, And Tap View Qr Code To Display A Qr Barcode On The Screen.

You lingered too long here without clicking anything and your session expired. Text messages provide you with a code to type into your login screen. Text messages provide you with a code to type into your login screen.

On Your Old Device, Open Duo Mobile And Tap The Menu Button In The Upper Right.

When you answer in a brief time, the. You can generate ten codes at wvu login self service and each code can only be used once. When opening up the duo app for the first time it will ask you for permission to send you notifications;

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